• App ID Approval Process

    Apps are reviewed within one working day after submission. Currently, we review information about the developer but not the app. Developers don't have to submit the project file or have the app approved on AppStore or Google Play; however, the download URL of a release version of the app is required.

  • Using the App ID

    Use the same App ID for all platforms, and avoid including a specific platform name as part of the app name; for example, <app name> for Android.

General Problems

  • Q: My app is already registered.

    A: Ensure you own the app and that you’ve entered the app name correctly. If this problem persists, contact us on:

  • Q: I changed approved app's information. It’s now in "Information pending" status and has not taken effect.

    A: Please resubmit the new information for approval. The existing information still applies, and you can click "View Released Version" in top right of the app details page to view the app’s current specs.

  • Q: How do I define the "From <app name>" redirection link?

    A: Enter the app’s official website in "Official Website"when you’re filling in the registration form. You cannot download the app's URL.

  • Q: When a WeChat user clicks the URL shared from my app, how do I know that he or she has installed the app?

    A: When opening a webpage, WeChat adds is sappinstalled to the original URL, that is, http://xxxx/?isappinstalled=[1|0]. 1 means Installed and 0 means Not-installed.

iOS Platform

  • Q: How do I know whether the user has installed WeChat?

    A: You can use isWXAppInstalled interface. For details, please see "Development Guide for iOS".

  • Q: I don’t return to the app after sharing information with WeChat friends on WeChat iOS SDK. The "From <app name>" wording does not show in the WeChat message box.

    A: Ensure you've set AppID of the app to URL Scheme. For details, see "Getting Started for iOS".

  • Q: Some messages sent to WeChat friends using Wechat iOS SDK are not delivered(unable to open WeChat).

    A: The SDK protocol has a 32KB limit on thumb size, title and description. Search "thumbData" in theDevelopment Guide for iOS.

  • Q: Why doesn’t my app show in the Apps on chat after I use the latest WeChat SDK in iOS 7? New

    A: It will show after the first time you call WeChat from your app.

  • Q: How does a third-party app know what functions the current version of WeChat supports now that the getWXAppSupportMaxApiVersion API has been removed from the latest SDK? New

    A: Third-party apps don’t need to know this. WeChat makes the necessary checks and gives feedback if requried.

  • Q: Why can’t I send messages to WeChat friends, Moments or Favorite Messages from my app using the lastest WeChat SDK in iOS 7? New

    A: You need to update WeChat to V5.0.1 or above.

Android Platform

  • Q: The confirmation box for sending third-party apps messages cannot be displayed after code obfuscation.

    A: Add the following codes in proguard.cfg:
    -keep class { *;}

    -keep class** implements$IMediaObject {*;}

  • Q: Error "setup profile from amm_manifest.xml failed" sometimes appears in the log.

    A: Ignore it. It's a simple failure when loading config files that does not affect he usability of SDK.

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